Monday, August 12, 2013

Book authored by me - Developing SSRS Reports for Dynamics AX

Developing SSRS Reports for Dynamics AX

Learning everything you always wanted to learn about Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 Reporting. This book guides you through step-by-step real-world based scenarios using which you could easily learn report development.

What this book covers:

- Building reports using Query.
- Building reports using RDP, Data contract, UI Builder, Controller classes.
- Building Auto-design & Precision design reports.
- Building advanced reports using Visual Studio.
- Building Tablix, Drill through, Chart reports using Visual Studio.
- Managing AX 2012 reports in AOT.
- How deploy AX 2012 reports using various deployment mechanisms.
- How to develop reports from external data source.
- Common reporting expressions (String, Date, Format, Global functions)
- Understanding the usage of common classes & methods used while developing reports.
- Reporting best practices (Report table, Classes, Report design, AOT Queries)

This book is also available now on:


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  3. What's up with your book. Amazon says it is out of print already!

    1. Dear can you send me the ebook freely

    2. Guys u need to purchase same...

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