Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Microsoft Dynamics AX - The future Client Win8 / HTML5

Microsoft Dynamics AX - The future Client Win8 / HTML5

Recently I wrote about Microsoft Dynamics AX, and Microsoft in general, specifically focusing around Windows 8 Tablets and the Metro UI. In this focus, I posed the fact, that most likely the future of the AX client will focus around HTML5, as well as XAML. Taking advantage of the Windows 8 Metro UI focus.

Well based on the recently release Microsoft Dynamics AX statement of direction (SOD), it seems that Microsoft has confirmed this educated guess, for the target client of "AX 7".

Taking this further, and my point to a focus around Any Device ERP, Microsoft talks directly to these points with it's focus on the next generation UX:
"Beyond being able to run on any device and anywhere, we are taking a completely new and modern approach to UX through the “Metro” UX experience that customers know from Windows Phone, Windows 8, Xbox, etc.. and we will be investing to support Natural User Interfaces like Speech, Touch and Gestures."

As I've stated in the past, a focus towards such technologies by Partners and Customers is key to building towards the Dynamics of the future. Further, even the design nature of the SOD, being that of Metro style tiles, as well as PartnerSource being redesigned in such a fashion, shows that Microsoft truly is embracing Steve Ballmer's point that the "Metro UI is the Heart & Soul of the Microsoft UX."

This helps further point to my guess, that tools like Visual Studio LightSwitch will enable fast LOB application creation, that can help target the any device concept with UI specific features in the future for Microsoft Metro UI.

As we draw near to Convergence 2012, its important to have this understanding, and to keep a look out from further such announcements from Microsoft. This move builds upon what Microsoft has already done, with it's release of Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012.

For me, this helps sets focus on technology, methodology, design concepts and what to focus on from an educational point of view. I believe Microsoft is taking a right step with this focus, and will help usher in a wave of adoption through such moves, for the Windows 8 Platform. The vision that was put forth some time ago, with 'three screens and a cloud' is finally taking shape, and that includes Microsoft's flagship ERP product: Microsoft Dynamics AX.

Few more screen shots..

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