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Developing SSRS Reports for Dynamics AX

Learning everything you always wanted to learn about Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 Reporting. This book guides you through step-by-step real-world based scenarios using which you could easily learn report development.

What this book covers:

- Building reports using Query.
- Building reports using RDP, Data contract, UI Builder, Controller classes.
- Building Auto-design & Precision design reports.
- Building advanced reports using Visual Studio.
- Building Tablix, Drill through, Chart reports using Visual Studio.
- Managing AX 2012 reports in AOT.
- How deploy AX 2012 reports using various deployment mechanisms.
- How to develop reports from external data source.
- Common reporting expressions (String, Date, Format, Global functions)
- Understanding the usage of common classes & methods used while developing reports.
- Reporting best practices (Report table, Classes, Report design, AOT Queries)

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  3. Hi,

    In Ax SSRS report, I am showing label for page number. i.e. Page 1 out of Total 10. here i want to reset the page number & total pagecount value if group changes.

    So it should be like below.
    1 of 3
    2 of 3
    3 of 3
    1 of 2
    2 of 2
    1 of 5
    2 of 5
    5 of 5.

    have u come across such situation?
    It can be done in Normal .NET application SSRS report but i couldn't find way to do it in AX SSRS.

    Let me know in case you find any solution.


    Vishal Dobariya