Monday, August 27, 2012

AIF Vendor Electronic Payment | AX 2012

AIF Vendor Electronic Payment - AX 2012

Problem Step 1: User left click on "Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 (menu button)"
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Problem Step 2: Go to development environment. Press ctrl+D to open AOT >> Resources >> VendPayments_SEPACreditTransfer_xslt.

Right click >> Open >> Select Resource type as XML >> Export.

Problem Step 3: Go to System administration >> Services & Application Integration Framework >> Electronic Payment Services >> Outbound ports for electronic payments.

Problem Step 4: User left click on "New (menu item)" in "‪Outbound ports for electronic payments" and create new port.

Specify the SEPA XSLT exported in Step 2 in XSLT field.
Define the Outbound folder, where the payment xml will be pushed.


Problem Step 5: Create new processing date record.


Click Create ports. It will create and deploy an Outbound port over AIF.

Problem Step 6: Click Area Page node: Accounts payable -> Journals -> Payments -> Payment journal.
Create new journal

Problem Step 7: Click the Lines button.

Create new lines

Problem Step 8: Click the Functions -> Generate payments menu button.

Problem Step 9: Click the OK button.


Problem Step 10. Click the OK button.
Goto AOT >> Jobs and run the job to process AIF message.