Sunday, September 2, 2012

Encrypt/Decrypt in AX 2012

Encrypt/Decrypt in AX 2012

Create a class, make it has property set to RunOn = Server
Create server static method

and use the below code.

static void Job2(Args _args)
    CryptoApi cryptoApi;
    Container cont,cont1;
    ContainerClass cc;
   /* Salt is like a password, While encrypting and descrypting the phrase, the CryptoAPI class has to instantiated with same salt(99999999999). The phrases/words are encrypted & decrypted based on the salt. */
    cryptoApi = new CryptoApi(99999999999);
    cc = new ContainerClass(["test123"]);
    cont = CryptoApi.encrypt(cc.toBlob()); // The encrypt method requires BLOB as a parameter
    cont1 = ContainerClass::blob2Container(CryptoApi.decrypt(cont));


  1. Hi Mukesh,

    I have written two seperate methods for both Encrypt & Decrypt.

    Encryption is going on correctly, and then storing the encrypted value in a string field in a Table.

    But for decrypting, I have written this piece of code mentioned below:

    CryptoApi cryptoApi = new CryptoApi(12345);

    Container cont;
    container cont1;

    Password password;
    Tablename tableName;

    cont1 = conIns(cont1, 1, BinData::stringToData(tableName::find().UserPassword));

    if (!cont1)
    return '';

    cont = ContainerClass::blob2Container(CryptoApi.decrypt(tinCont));

    return con2Str(cont);

    but seems like it is not working properly and thorwing error "Problem in Encrypt and Decrypt".

    Can you suggest some solutions?
    I am using Ax 2012 version.

    Pranav Gupta

    1. Hi Pranav,

      Try such logic (works for me):

      CryptoApi cryptoApi;
      Container cont;
      ContainerClass cc;
      str ret;


      cryptoApi = new CryptoApi(#Key);

      if (_password == '')
      return _password;

      if (_encrypt)
      cc = new ContainerClass([_password]);
      cont = cc.toBlob();
      cont = cryptoApi.encrypt(cont);

      ret = BinData::dataToString(cont);

      if (strEndsWith(ret, '\n'))
      ret = strRem(ret, '\n');

      return ret;
      cont = BinData::stringToData(_password);
      cont = ContainerClass::blob2Container(cryptoAPI.decrypt(cont));

      ret = con2Str(cont);
      return ret;

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  3. Hi pavel,

    Thanks for your reply, I had already solve the issue with the below logic:

    Now instead of storing the encrypted value in a string field, I am directly storing it in the container type field.

    Now the decryption functionality is working properly.

    Thanks & Regards

    Pranav Gupta

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