Sunday, February 17, 2013

AIF run manually using job

static void processAIF(Args _args)
    // read the messages
    new AifGateWayReceiveService().run();

    // process the messages in queue
    new AifInboundProcessingService().run();

    // process messages in queue
    new AifOutboundProcessingService().run();

    // send messages
    new AifGateWaySendService().run();


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  2. hi im running 1124 standalone in
    windows server 2012 server
    sql data 2oo8R2
    4.5gb ram
    with this low memory i'm unable to internetexplorer so i've opened this in firefox now i succefully logged in then i try to open datamanagement in administer to work in FDM.

    Here i'm getting AIF launch configuration failed..

    can u pls give me the sol'n