Saturday, July 5, 2014

Customer Payment Journal using C#

1.       Verify WSDL URI for AccountsReceivableServices under System administration > Setup > Service and Application Integration Framework > Inbound Ports

2.       Add service reference in .Net project.

3.       Add the below code to create customer payment journal.

private void button1_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)
              //Service declarations
            AccountReceivableServices.CallContext callContext = new AccountReceivableServices.CallContext();
            AccountReceivableServices.CustPaymJournalServiceClient client = new AccountReceivableServices.CustPaymJournalServiceClient();
            AccountReceivableServices.AxdCustPaymJournal paymJournal = new AccountReceivableServices.AxdCustPaymJournal();
            AccountReceivableServices.AxdEntity_LedgerJournalTable1 header = new AccountReceivableServices.AxdEntity_LedgerJournalTable1();
            AccountReceivableServices.AxdEntity_LedgerJournalTrans1 trans = new AccountReceivableServices.AxdEntity_LedgerJournalTrans1();

            callContext.Company = "ceu";
            header.JournalName = "Pay";
            header.Name = "AIF test";
            header.JournalType = AccountReceivableServices.AxdEnum_LedgerJournalType.CustPayment;
            trans.AccountType = AccountReceivableServices.AxdEnum_LedgerJournalACType.Cust;
            trans.AccountTypeSpecified = true;
            trans.Company = "ceu";
            var account1 = new AccountReceivableServices.AxdType_MultiTypeAccount() { Account = "11101", DisplayValue = "11101" };
            trans.LedgerDimension = account1;
            trans.AmountCurCredit = 22;
            trans.AmountCurCreditSpecified = true;
            trans.OffsetCompany = "ceu";
            trans.PaymMode = "cash";
            header.LedgerJournalTrans = new AccountReceivableServices.AxdEntity_LedgerJournalTrans1[1] { trans };
            paymJournal.LedgerJournalTable = new AccountReceivableServices.AxdEntity_LedgerJournalTable1 [1] { header };
                client.create(callContext, paymJournal);
            catch (Exception ex)
                string error = ex.Message;


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  3. Thanks. It solved a problem about missing AccountNum in the AxdEntity_LedgerJournalTrans1.
    I owe you a beer or two. :)